Bob Marley fans may have taken his song titled “African Herbsman” a little too far in creating Marley’s Mellow Mood, a drink promoted to reduce stress. Several students in New Jersey ended up getting sick due to consuming the drink that is supposed to cause relaxation, not regurgitation.

The defective product was not approved to be distributed at Satz Middle School and Holmdel High School in New Jersey, and an on-site manager of the dining services has subsequently been relieved of duties.

While there are growing concerns across the United States with energy drinks and the growing number of wrongful death suits, this is the first indication that this drink intended to induce a relaxation amongst its consumers may also have detrimental side-effects. With the increase in concerns by parents whose kids seem to rely more and more heavily on energy drinks to function at a high level for extended periods of time, the FDA has begun its own investigations.

Officials for the FDA have said that reports of these deaths and injuries do not necessarily have a definitive correlation to the drinks consumed and evidence so far is inconclusive. They stress that these products should in no way, shape, or form be used as a replacement for adequate rest.

The drink does state in its nutritional facts that it may cause drowsiness and is not intended for children. Such warnings are intended to protect product manufacturers, yet in some instances, they can still be held accountable for defective products. Should you ever be a victim of a defective product, please reach out to experienced NJ lawyers for assistance.